The Awakening Tribe

I feel it's time for awakened people to come together. We try, as hard as we do, to move forward spiritually and help others awaken but it's a tough process when we do it alone. We can accomplish more in numbers. This is why I feel the coming together of great minds and souls will be of huge benefit for our future.

We can share our learnings together and help others to awaken and get them to pass on their learnings.

The Awakening is the next step in our evolution. We have been stuck for too long where we are right now as a human race. We have loss sight of our true purpose here. We can give so much more to planet earth but we are taking more than we give. As humans we have been taught to fight and not help. Most have lost their compassion for others. Most want to take rather than give. The leaders don't want you to love your neighbour, they want you to fear and fight them!

This will only end in one way if it continues!

The Awakening Tribe will be a world wide movement. Our purpose is simple. Live for life.

look inside to find the answer, i am the key to your survival ॐ

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