The Awakening Sticker Sets

The Awakening Sticker Set

A full set of 10 stickers from The Awakening.

These will be sold at £2 each or all 10 for £15. However The Awakening Friends can get these first before they are available.

I’m releasing 100 packs of the stickers at a special rate of just £6 to my Twitter, Facebook and Web Friends.

That’s all 10 stickers for just £6, that’s about $9 but please check.

These are being make as I write this and will be ready to post out on the 5th March. I wanted to offer them now as so many people are messaging me asking how to buy them.

So here you go guys, buy yours now so you don’t miss out. But remember they won’t be with you til after 5th March.

Once this 100 are sold they will be listed again but at the full price of £15.

Thanks for your support friends! And together we can wake up the world! ॐ

Order yours now on eBay

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