The world is changing forever!

The world as you know it is changing forever. Technology is moving so fast you no longer need money! Even your credit and debit cards will be obsolete in the very close years to come! All you need is a smart phone. They say it’s now the safer way to pay with the new apps they offer. iPhone now have apple pay and advertise it everywhere as the safest way to pay! But is it really? What is so unsafe about good old paper money!? Or should they really be saying……
We have been approached by the powers to be and they have asked us to create away for all purchases to be traced so they can know how much money you spend, on what and how much money you actually have!

As well this big companies are offing you stuff for free! Sky will now give you free broadband for 1 year on a 1 year contract. After a year you can leave and you’ve save £15 a month for 12 months! But no you haven’t!  You’ve just sold your details to sky! The biggest business now and will be for years to come is information. Your information! What you are doing is letting sky have your name, address and all your details along with everything you’ve been doing for 12 months online. That information will be used against you for the rest of your life! You will be sold to marketing firms, online agencies, banks and more. You are already in a major computer system and every day you are being updated and building your own online file. Facebook will earn millions from every user it has! There is no such thing as a free dinner!

Unfortunately this can not change. It is happening and it will continue to happen. I’m just trying to open your mind.


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