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We are made of Energy, not Matter

Energy doesn’t go away at death. One of the surest principles of science is that energy never dies; it can neither be created nor destroyed. When we die, we do so not in the random billiard ball matrix but in the inescapable life matrix. Life has a non-linear dimensionality.


Life is not created—it simply is. All nature is animate with this force we call “Life.” The phenomena of life on this physical plane, with which we are chiefly concerned, are produced by the involution of “energy” into “matter,” and matter is, itself, an involution of energy.

Living tissue is organized or organic life; dead tissue is unorganized or inorganic matter. When life disappears from an organism, disintegration begins, the process of organization ceases.

Organization requires a high rate of vibration, or short wave length, moving with great intensity. The molecules of which the tissue is composed are in a continuous state of activity. The result is the tissues manifest what we call life.

Life vibrations have but one source and that is the Sun. Senility is a part of the death process. It is caused by the accumulation of earthy salts or so-called mineral matter.

This mineral matter usually consists of lime and chalk that settles upon the walls of the arteries, which become hardened and calcinous and lose their elasticity.

If the vibrations are sufficiently intense, it would be impossible for these salts to settle in the system. The intense vibration would make the accumulation impossible; the minerals would be expelled in the process of elimination.

Old age, decay, and death are therefore simply due to the inability of the individual to keep in tune with the vibrations from the Sun, which is the source of all life.

Longevity and vitality are in direct ratio as we contact the intense vibrations from the Sun and isolate ourselves from the slow, disorganized, disintegrating, and deathly vibrations of the Earth.

Life is a rate of vibration, a mode of motion; death is the absence of that vibration.

Life is a manifestation of activity. Death is the process of disintegration, the absence of activity. The vibrations of life originate in the Sun. The vibrations of death originate in the Earth.

The Sun is the source of life, the Moon of form, and the Earth of disintegration or death. The Earth is ever seeking to embrace in its bosom all things; it is the tomb or fixed resting place for even form of organized manifestation.

The vibrations from the Earth are, therefore, the vibrations of destruction, of disintegration. Nothing has so far been able to resist the continual pull of these Earthy vibrations; everything has had to finally succumb, all form of whatever nature has thus far been compelled to return to the Earth to await the vitalizing vibrations of the Sun before being again brought into manifestation.

But, will this always be true? Not necessarily. It may not always be necessary to contact these disintegrating vibrations. We may be able to insulate ourselves to some extent at least.

The Universe was built by vibration; that is to say, the specific form that everything has on whether a large or a small scale, is due absolutely to the specific rate of vibration that gave expression to it. The Universe, then, both in general and in particular, is the effect of a system of vibration. In other words, the music of the spheres has expressed itself in that form which we denominate the Cosmos.

This vibration expresses intelligence. This is not intelligence as we understand the word, but a cosmic knowledge which is responsible for the growth of finger nails, hair, bones, teeth, and skin, the circulation of blood, and breathing, which proceed whether we are asleep or awake.

Thus, consciousness or intelligence abounds in everything, peculiar only to itself only in that it differs in character to every other thing; for there is but one Universal consciousness or intelligence, while there are multitudinous different expressions of it. The rock, the fish, the animal, the human are all recipients of the one Universal intelligence. They are only differently formed manifestations of Cosmic substance— differently combined rates of motion or vibration.

Mind is a system of vibration. The brain is the vibrator and thought is the organized effect of each particular vibration when expressed through the requisite combination of cells.

It is not the number of the cells, but their vibratory adaptability which gives range to the thoughts of which the mind is capable.

It is through the Universal Mind that the “seeds of thought” enter the brain of man, so that it conceives thought which becomes a current of energy, centripetal in the mind of man and centrifugal in the Universal Mind.

These seeds of thought have a tendency to germinate, to sprout, and to grow; they thus form that we call ideas.

When a mental picture is formed in the brain, the rate of vibration corresponding to that picture is immediately awakened in the ether. It depends, however, upon whether the Will or Desire principle is acting as to whether that vibration moves inward or outward.

If the Will is used, the vibration moves outward and the principle of force is put into operation. If the Desire nature is awakened, the vibrations move inward and the Law of Attraction is put into operation. In either case, the Law of Causation expresses itself through the embodying of creative principle.

The time is not far distant when man will be able to make the body immune against disease and arrest the ordinary process of old age and physical decay— perpetuate youth even after the body has passed the mark of the centuries.

Immortality, or perpetual life, is the fondest hope, the legitimate goal and just birthright of every human being. But the majority of people of all religions, and those of no religious belief at all, seem to think that it is to be attained, if at all, at some future time and on some other plane of existence.

Every human being who is not sick or insane, has an innate desire to live as long as possible. If there is an individual person in the world who does not desire to live, it is because he is in some abnormal condition of body or mind or expects to be.

As a matter of fact, the more highly enlightened and developed the individual, the more intense the desire and longing for life, and it is improbable that there would be a natural desire for something that was impossible of attainment.

Prof. Jaques Loeb, formerly of the Department of Psychology at the University of California, said several years ago, “Man will live forever when he has learned to establish the right protoplasmic reaction to the body.”

Thomas Edison says, “I have many reasons to believe that the time will come when man will not die.”

Five-sevenths of the flesh and blood are water, while the substance of the body consists of albumen, fibrin, cassein, and gelatin; that is, organic substance composed originally of four essential gases—oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbonic acid.

Water is a combination of two gases and air is a mixture of three gases. Thus, our bodies are composed of only transformed gases. None of our flesh existed three or four months ago; face, mouth, arms, hair, even the very nails. The entire organism is but a current of molecules, a ceaselessly renewed flame, a stream at which we may look all of our lives and never see the same water again.

These molecules do not touch each other and are continually renewed by means of assimilation—directed, governed, and organized by the immaterial force that animates it.

To this force we may give the name “soul”, so writes the great French astronomer, physicist, biologist, and metaphysician Camille Flammarion.

The Bridge of Life, a symbol of physical regenesis, has been exploited in song, drama, and story. Paracelsus, Pythagorus, Lycurgus, Valentin, Wagner, and a long unbroken line of the Illuminati from time immemorial have chanted their epics in unison with this “riddle of the Sphinx”, across the scroll of which is written, “Solve me or die.”

This solution may be in an understanding of the nature of the glands that control physical and mental growth, and all metabolic processes of fundamental importance.

These glands dominate all the vital functions and cooperate in an intimate relationship which may be compared to an interlocking directorate.

They furnish the internal secretions or hormones which determine whether we are to be tall or short, handsome or homely, brilliant or dull, cross or congenial.

Sir William Osier, one of the world’s great thinkers, said, “For man’s body is a humming hive of working cells each with its specific functions, all under central control of the brain and heart, and all dependent on secretions from the glands which lubricate the wheels of life. For example, remove the thyroid gland just below the Adam’s apple, and you deprive man of the lubricants which enable his thought-engines to work, and gradually the stored acquisitions of his mind cease to be available, and within a year he sinks into dementia. The normal processes of the skin cease, and the hair falls, the features bloat, and the paragon of animals is transformed into a shapeless caricature of humanity.”

There are seven major glands: the pituitary, the thyroid, the pancreas, the adrenal, the pineal, the thymus, and the sex glands. They control the metabolism of the body and dominate all vital functions.

The pituitary gland is a small gland located near the center of the head, directly under the third ventricle of the brain where it rests in a depression in the bony floor-plate of the skull. Its secretions have an important part in the mobilizing of carbohydrates, maintaining blood pressure, stimulating the other glands, and maintaining the tonicity of the sympathetic nerve system.

The thyroid gland is located at the frontal base of the neck, extending upward in a sort of semi-circle on both sides. The thyroid secretion is important in mobilizing both proteins and carbohydrates; it stimulates other glands, helps resist infections, affects the hair growth, and influences the organs of the digestion and elimination. It is a strongly determining factor in the all-around physical development, and also in the mental functioning. A well-balanced thyroid will insure an active, efficient, and smoothly coordinated mind and body.

The adrenal glands are located just above the small of the back. These organs have sometimes been called the “beauty glands”, since one of their functions is to keep the pigments of the body in proper solution and distribution. But of greater importance is the agency of the adrenal secretion in other directions. The secretions contain a most valuable blood pressure agent and are a tonic to the sympathetic nerve system, hence to the involuntary muscles, heart, arteries, and intestines. These glands respond to certain emotional excitements by an immediate increase in volume of secretion, thus increasing the energy of the whole system and preparing it for effective purpose.

The pineal gland is a small conical structure located behind the third ventricle of the brain. The ancients realized that this gland was of vast importance—it is spoken of as a spiritual center, the seat of the soul, and possibly of eternal youth or everlasting life. It is near the top and at the back of the head.

The thymus gland is located at or near the bottom of the throat, just below the thyroid gland. It is considered essential for children only, but is it not possible that the degeneration of this gland is one of the causes of premature senility?

The pancreas is located just behind the peritoneum near the stomach. This gland aids digestion and when not properly functioning, an excess of sugar may be produced, which causes diabetes and other serious troubles.

The sex glands are located at the lower part of the abdomen. It is through the functioning of these glands that life is created and the process of reproduction carried on.

When the secretions from these glands are not called upon for procreative purposes, they are poured into the cell life, renewing energy, strength, and vitality.

If they fail to function, there is depression and general debility.

It is clear then, that if we can find some way to make these glands continue to function, we can renew our health, strength, and youth indefinitely; because the thyroid develops vital energy, the pituitary controls blood pressure and develops mental energy, the pancreas controls digestion and bodily vigor, the adrenals furnish pep and ambition, and the sex glands control the secretions that manifest as youth, strength, and power.

We can better understand the mechanism of glands when we remember that the Sun is the source of all life; that the rays from the Sun are differentiated into seven different tones or colors or qualities by the seven different planets, and that they enter the human system by the seven plexi located along the spinal column, and we now find that this life is carried on to the seven major glands in the body, where it controls and dominates even function of life.

Unfortunately, however, ordinary window glass excludes practically all of the ultraviolet rays, which are the most essential in the maintenance of health and vitality. A few sanitariums and hospitals have had special windows of fused quartz constructed, which admits ultraviolet rays, but so far the cost of such windows are prohibitive, a single window costing from ten thousand to fifteen thousand dollars.

Apparatus is now constructed, however, that may be attached to the ordinary electric current, so that the full benefit of the vital rays from the solar orb may be secured.

When the glands are supplied with the vital rays of which we have heretofore been deprived, the result will be a remarkable degree of vitality and mental and physical vigor. In fact, it is already known that cholesterol can be converted into a vitamin by the action of the ultraviolet rays, and it is possible that other inert substances may be activated in like manner.

The ultrared rays have also been found to be an exceedingly valuable therapeutic agent. Fabrics of certain weaves are used to filter these rays.

Deductions from the experiments made by several of the world’s leading scientists more than fifteen years ago are to the effect that it will be possible for the physical body of man to become so purified and responsive that it may continue living from age to age without death. The income and outgo of the body can be so perfectly adjusted, that the organism will not become old, but will be rebuilt from day to day.

The vibratory force of Life can be inspired to such a degree and radiated through the tissue to such an extent that this man of clay will really become a temple of the living God, not merely a reservoir of unconscious and unregulated intelligence.

By very simple hygienic care, we can greatly prolong each life manifestation. Hence, we have reason to believe that a complete knowledge of vibratory force and its effect upon the structure of the body will aid the organism in making the life manifestations permanent.

Death is not a necessary, inevitable consequence or attribute of life; death is biologically a relatively new thing, which made its appearance only after living things had advanced a long way on the path of evolution.

Single-celled organisms have proved, under critical experimental observation, to be immortal. They reproduce by simple fission of the body, one individual becoming two. This process may go on indefinitely, without any permanent slacking of the rate of cell division and without the intervention of a rejuvenating-process, provided the environment of the cells is kept favorable. The germ cells of all sexually differentiated organisms are, in a similar sense, immortal. Reduced to a formula, we may say that the fertilized ovum produces a soma and more germ cells. The soma eventually dies. Some of the germ cells prior to that event produced somata and germ cells, and so on in a continuous cycle that has never yet ended since the appearance of multi-cellular organisms on the earth.

So long as reproduction goes on in this way in these multi-cellular forms, there is no place for death. The successful cultivation of the tissues of higher vertebrates over an indefinitely long period of time demonstrates that death is in no sense a necessary concomitant of cellular life.

It may fairly be said that the potential immortality of all essential cellular elements of the body either has been fully demonstrated or has been carried far enough to make the probability very great. Generalizing the results of the tissue culture work of the last two decades, it is highly probable that the cells of all the essential tissues of the metazoan body are potentially immortal when placed separately under such conditions as to supply appropriate food in the right amount and to remove promptly the deleterious products of metabolism.

A fundamental reason why the higher multi-cellular animals do not live forever appears to be that in the differentiation and specialization of function of cells and tissues in the body as a whole, any individual part does not find the conditions necessary for its continued existence. In the body, any part is dependent for the necessities of its existence upon other parts or upon the organization of the body as a whole. It is the differentiation and specialization of function of the mutually dependent aggregate of cells and tissues that constitute the metazoan body that brings about death, and not any inherent or inevitable mortal process in the individual cells themselves.

When cells show characteristic senescent changes, it is probably a consequence of their mutually dependent association in the body as a whole. It does not primarily originate in any particular cell because of the fact that the cell is old, it occurs in the cells when they are removed from the mutually dependent relationship of the organized body as a whole. In short, death does not appear to be a primary attribute of the psychological economy of individual cells as such, but rather of the both as a whole.

Recent researches have shown conclusively that tissue and cells in the human body need not necessarily decay. Formerly, it was thought that there was no way to ward off senility and that cells are bound to break down due to old age, which simply means wear and tear. This, however, in the light of modern science, is no longer countenanced. The study of gland science has convinced many physicists that the human cells can be rejuvenated or replaced continuously and that such a thing as old age can be warded off for several hundred years.

It is well known that it takes a lifetime to gain valuable experience. Men at the head of great industries frequently are over sixty years of age, and their advice is sought because they have gained most valuable experience during all those years. It would seem, therefore, important to lengthen the span of life and, indeed, present indications are that this can and will be done.

Some of our best authorities see no reason why a human being should not attain the age of several hundred years; not as some extraordinary feat, but considered as a fair average. There are, of course, people now living who are 125 years old, but these are, naturally, exceptions. Medical scientists assert that the goal of 200 years will be reached some day in the future. When we stop to think that the average lifetime used to be 40 years and that we now consider the man of 50 years to be in the prime of his life, who knows but that fifty years hence a man in his prime will be 100 or 150 years of age.

Dr. Monroe, an eminent physician and scientist of Great Britain, says, “The human frame as a machine contains within itself no marks by which we can possibly predict its decay; it is apparently intended to go on forever.”

But of all the multiple adepts or masters that have kept the light burning above the Three Piers of the magical Bridge, none has more clearly and beautifully written thereof than did the great poet Isaiah:

“Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. Then shall the lame man leap as a hart, and the tongue of the dumb shall sing; for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert. And the glowing sand shall become a pool, and the thirsty ground springs of water; in the habitations of jackals, where they lay shall be grass with reeds and bushes. And a highway shall be there, and a way and it shall be called ‘The Way of Holiness;’ the unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for the redeemed. The wayfaring man, yea, fools, shall not err therein.”

The nerves are fine threads of different colors, each one having a special chemical affinity for certain organic substances—oil or albumen—through and by which the organism is materialized and the process of life carried on.

The imagination might easily conceive that these delicate infinitesimal fibers are strings of the Human Harp, and that the molecular minerals are the fingers of Infinite Energy striking the notes of some Divine Anthem.

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